The Ma`ema`e PTSA is a non-profit

organization that helps the school

raise funds for parent workshops, classroom support, student equipment and various school programs throughout the year. At the beginning of every school year, the Board members, teachers and the school administrators meet and discuss the upcoming school year's

budget and wish list.

Here are the 2019-2020 Board members:

Terri Miller, President

Jamie Chovsta, Family Night Chair

Amanda Miyataki, Co-Chair Family Night

Tania Morimoto/Ryan Taguchi,

Assistant Treasurer (Family Night)

Christina Choy, Programs

Sheila Izuka, Co-Chair Programs

Christina Lippert, Membership

Julie Segawa, Ways and Means

Tina Kobatake, Summer School

Charlene Mow, Treasurer

Jan Lau, Co-Treasurer

Tracy Kaita, Recording Secretary

Michelle Kato, Corresponding Secretary

Gavan Abe, Charter Organization Representative

Wini Hui, T-shirt Chair


The PTSA meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month. The meeting minutes are available by request.  


The Ma'ema'e Parent Teacher Student Association is a local PTSA unit organized under the authority of the Hawaii Congress of Parents, Teachers, and Students (the HSPTSA), a branch of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers (the National PTA).  


For more information on the Hawaii State PTSA, please visit http://www.hawaiistateptsa.org/


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